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Working with me can be fun! No really. A sense of humour is a great survival tool for the Toronto Real Estate Market.  Plus, my small talk game is nearly second to none, honestly after this career winds up, I could host a late-night interview show, or drive a cab.  I am working into my second decade of Real Estate full time, but I came at real estate indirectly, like most of us, not born a realtor. 
I worked as a property claims adjuster, yup the pointy end of insurance, until umm, I couldn't take it anymore, then I worked in condo property management, its amazing where having two jobs where all you do is deal with problems and unhappy people, can really make you rethink your career path.

I was married for 22 years, then divorced, I have 2 grown up daughters.  Who still like hanging out with their dad from time to time.

I specialized in working with first-time homebuyers in the GTA market, for years.  They are still my favorite type of clients to be honest, but as I , um, age, many of those first-time buyers are now buying move-up homes, and vacation properties.  Yes, I know about septic , well water,  shore allowances. boat houses etc.  I have also spent the last decade following home inspectors around as they work ( sorry to all of you all at once) asking questions, I am not a home inspector, but I have a keen eye for potential trouble.

Toronto homes are on average about 100 years old.  The vast majority of homes are structural brick, with the sorts of issues that arise after a century of use.  I can help you avoid some of the avoidable danger, all houses have issues, older homes all have something.  You have to be prepared for some surprises down the road, especially if you decide to renovate, dig down your foundation, take out all those supporting walls...

I love what I do, buying selling,leasing, houses and condos.  I also love dogs, kids, spicy food,cooking, and driving across Canada and I am a huge nerd at heart.  Try and stump me with some sci fi trivia, I just dare you!

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