By: Adam Charlesworth

December 14 Market Update 12 days of Christmas

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Tis the season for overbidding, after an average price gain of 10 percent year over year, a dwindling supply of listings is leaving the remaining pent up buyer demand bidding even more for the few decent homes to come on the market in this normally slower month.  The unseasonably warm weather, scheduled to continue onwards for another week, makes me think that  the sellers market will co...Read More

By: Adam Charlesworth

Toronto November Market Update

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The typical Fall marketplace is an uneven one.  I am not sure if outrageously typical is a term I can apply, but it certainly feels that way. I have been busy, I have been successful with three listings, one lease, and two purchases, since I returned in late August to start the 2014 Fall season.  I have written 6 unsuccessful offers to purchase though, and it is there that the unevenness...Read More

By: Adam Charlesworth

Toronto Real Estate 2015 Spring Market Update

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Spring 2015 and Beyond! What happened, Why, and When will it stop? Re reading my last blog post, I was unbelievably prescient in my predictions for the Spring Market being ridiculously crazy, because it was, carte blanche, the craziest most one sided market the GTA has ever seen, ever. Good news is on the horizon however! The number of listings is finally increasing, as is the total number of hom...Read More